What People Are Saying

Here’s what our practitioners, students, and clients have to say about Clinical Acupressure

Immune System: “One of my cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy was at risk of being unable to tolerate treatment due to a compromised immune system. She received acupressure to support the immune system, and her blood counts were normal by morning. She received her treatment as scheduled.” –Morgantown, WV

COPD: “I thank God for sending you to me. You are my angel sent from the Heavens. Thank you for seeing me through one of my toughest challenges with health issues. I am sold on the acupressure treatment that you have given to me. Before my treatment I was all stressed out and within seconds I became immediately relaxed and centered. It is just amazing !! Absolutely immediately loosens up the congestion in my lungs, which I have had since my first attack in 1995. When you started I had pressure in my head. Immediately I had a release and did not need extra strength tylenol today. This is awesome. With appreciation I look up to the Heavens with thanksgiving.” –Naples, FL

Post Surgery: “A new client who had never received bodywork before came in two weeks after a double mastectomy still experiencing unrelenting pain and anxiety. After her treatment she arose from the table pain free. She says that after one session she never needed another pain-killer and she felt calm and hopeful for the first time since her diagnosis.” –Silver Spring, MD

Migraine Headaches: “A 43 year old woman reported having a migraine headache for 3 out of 4 weeks since her mid-twenties. It seemed to follow the timing of her menstrual cycle. In our first session I did the Basic Protocol and the Female Male Harmony Release. The next week she told me her headache cleared on her way home from our appointment, and it hadn’t returned. I continued to see her every two weeks for awhile, and then only once a month. Now I only see her seasonally, and she rarely reports having even mild headaches.” –Easton, MD

Severe dental pain: “An emergency session was scheduled for a 75 year old woman who was having excruciating dental pain. She was scheduled to see an endodontist the next morning, but needed help in the meantime. I performed the Great Central Channel Release and in the few minutes it took to do this her pain had decreased from a 10 to a 2 on the pain scale.” –Santa Cruz, CA

Avoided Sinus Surgery: “A man came to our community clinic for a stress relief session. He mentioned that he was due to have sinus surgery the next week. I didn’t have my protocol book with me, so I just held the points I could remember from the beginning of the Sinus/Ear Release. He said he could feel things moving around almost immediately. The next week he came back to the clinic reporting that he blew his nose for hours after our session, and that the pain and congestion were gone. He cancelled his scheduled procedure.” —-Washington, DC

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