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As a thank you for your contribution, we have created an exclusive video series entitled Extraordinary Offerings. These video productions are not available for sale, and will not be offered for sale at any time in the future. When you make your donation you will be able to choose from any of the following videos. The receipt from your donation will have information about how to access your video choices online:

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Extraordinary Offerings

Soul Lightening International Video Series

Dr. Aminah Raheem: Soul Lightening Acupressure (42 minutes)

The originator of Soul Lightening Acupressure, Dr. Aminah Raheem reflects on some commonly asked questions. Topics include:
• The Origins of Soul Lightening Acupressure
• About the training program
• About Acupressure for Anyone
• The Soul Lightening Vision and Mission
• The Tao of Soul Lightening
• Cultivating Practitioner Skills
• Working on Yourself Alone
• Process Partnering

Intro to Inner Child Healing (46 minutes)

This presentation was given by Leah Matalon at the 2013 Soul Lightening International Conference in Borrego Springs, CA. It is an introduction to the powerful Inner Child Healing work originally developed by Dr. Aminah Raheem. The principles introduced in this presentation are applied to Process Acupressure sessions. Process Acupressure is a method for working with the body, mind, emotions and soul simultaneously.

 Soul Consciousness & The Extraordinary Vessels (43 minutes)

This presentation was given by Cathy Miller at the 2013 Soul Lightening International Conference in Borrego Springs, CA. It is an introduction Eight Extraordinary Vessels from the perspective of Soul Lightening Acupressure. This orientation includes a brief overview of the 3 dimensional nature of the vessels, including theories of how they are formed in the embryo. It also explores how the EV’s simultaneously link us with the ancient mystics as well as the cutting edge methods of our time. All through the unique lens of our own Soul wisdom.

Meeting at Interface: Panel Discussion (57 minutes)

The members of this panel of practitioners are all dually certified in Soul Lightening Acupressure and Zero Balancing. They reflect on how the two modalities meet at interface as well as the distinct similarities and differences of each method. This panel was featured at the 2013 Soul Lightening International Conference in Borrego Springs, CA and includes commentary from Dr. Aminah Raheem and Dr. Fritz Smith.

What will your donation be used for?

Like most educational non-profit organizations, the vast majority of our operations are covered by dedicated volunteers. At our recent board meeting we calculated that our board of directors alone contribute well over $100,000 per year in volunteer hours and financial contributions.

Even with this generous outpouring of time, attention and love, our income from classes covers only about 75% of our basic operating expenses. We rely upon donations from community members like you to make up the difference, and to fund projects like the ones listed below.

Our Project List for 2015-16:  

  1. Continue to offer our core curriculum in several cities across the United States
  2. Host our 2016 Conference in Chicago, Illinois April 8-10—-Save the date!!
  3. Launch a series of LIVE tele-conference events, including: Meditations with Aminah and Mentoring groups for Certification Candidates
  4. Create marketing materials for our members to help expand their PA or CA practice
  5. Produce a webinar series from existing video for students to review classes
  6. Develop a new webinar series for the layperson to learn Seva and Acupressure for Anyone
  7. Release our existing CD’s and DVD’s in downloadable formats
  8. Re-produce the Seva for Self-Care CD in Spanish, Hebrew and German
  9. Obtain new continuing education approvals
  10. Maintain a presence at regional and national conferences such as the American Holistic Nurses Convention and others
  11. Explore new horizons in research and practice!