Introductory Workshops

Introductory Workshops

Soul Lightening International offers a number of introductory workshops for professional health practitioners and laypersons interested in learning more about acupressure.

Seva Stress Release (3 hour modules)
Acupressure for Anyone (3 hour modules)
Introduction to Soul Lightening Acupressure (2 days | 12 hours)
Women’s Health Protocol (1 day | 6 hours)

More info about the Seva Stress Release
More info about Acupressure for Anyone® 
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The A4A (Acupressure for Anyone®) training modules include:

Seva Stress Release: Part 1 For Self-Care
SEVA Stress Release: Part 2 For Others

Great Central Channel Alignment

Formulas for Balance and Harmony
Head and Neck Formulas
Back, Abdomen & Chest Formulas
Formulas for the Arms & Legs
Cold and Flu Formulas
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