Process Acupressure Certification

About Process Acupressure Certification Levels

Individuals who complete the certification process not only develop solid skills to use in their professional practice, they are likely to undergo a profound personal journey of exploration and clarification as well. Becoming a certified Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioner offers the opportunity for learning and growth on all levels—body, mind, emotions, and soul.

The Foundation Certification indicates that an individual has met the requirements and demonstrated their understanding of basic skills in Soul Lightening Acupressure. They have successfully completed foundation level coursework including Clinical Acupressure 1:  Basic Applications and Process Acupressure 1: Gateway to Soul (PA1A), they have passed a written examination, and submitted session reports for review by our faculty. The final step in their certification process is a faculty consultation/assessment. Completion of all these requirements ensure a strong foundation in Soul Lightening Acupressure, after which the individual may begin incorporating SL Acupressure into their existing professional practice. The Foundation Certification is a pre-requisite to entering either of our professional certification programs (PA or CA).

Download: Foundation_Certification_Program_Overview_9-7-17

Download: SLI_Foundation_Certification_Reading_List

Download: SLI_Foundation_Certification_Session_Worksheet

Download: Foundation_Certification_Exam_&_Answer_sheet_June_2016

There are two levels of Process Acupressure certification:

Process Acupressure Certification

Process Acupressure is celebrated as one of the most effective tools for exploring the “whole-being.” Certified PA practitioners are skilled at empowering their clients to consciously integrate all parts of themselves—body, mind, emotions and spirit. The certification process includes 120 hours of coursework, and 100 hours of mentor-reviewed practice. All certified practitioners pass a series of practical skills evaluations with senior members of the faculty.

Four year program, an extension can be requested, if needed

Application Fee: $400 (This fee is included in the PA Certification Core-Pak Payment Plan.)

Required coursework beyond Foundation Workshops CA1 and PA1A:

  • Process Acupressure 1: Progressing Process (PA1B)
  • Process Acupressure 2: Body & Personality Parts
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Elective, which may be Opening to Your Soul Purpose, Ancestral Healing or another PA class taught by a certified PA teacher or another approved PA elective, or repeat one of the classes already taken, including  PA1A of CA1.

Additional requirements include: intensive work with an approved mentor/supervisor throughout the program to review case studies and hone processing skills. For more information, please contact our certification director.

Download: PA_Certification_Program_Overvew_9-7-17

Download:  PA_Certification_Enrollment_PDF Form_9-7-17

Download: PA Certification Enrollment Word Doc Form 9-7-17

Download: PA_Certification_Session_Report_March_2015

Download:  PA_Certification_Reading_List

Or email Arline Rowden, Director of Certification at rowdenllcatgmaildotcom  (rowdenllcatgmaildotcom)   to receive the enrollment form as an email attachment. If you have any questions about certification, please email Arline.

Seva Teacher Training is by application only for CA or PA Certified Practitioners or Certification Candidates with their mentors recommendation.

You can download the application below in a PDF doc, print and fill it out and mail it to Cathy Miller. Or you can download it as a Word doc so you can complete it on your computer and then email it to Cathy Miller. Check our listing of classes for Seva Teacher Training. If you have any questions, please contact Arline Rowden, Certification Director at rowdenllcatgmaildotcom  (rowdenllcatgmaildotcom)  

Seva_Teacher_Training_Application in a PDF doc

Seva Teacher Training Application in a Word Doc

Advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure Certification

Practitioners who complete the Advanced Soul Lightening certification have studied the complete spectrum of Process Acupressure coursework. They have integrated the understandings and techniques from the upper level courses into their personal growth process as well as into their work with clients. Intensive work with a mentor is required throughout this program, including more than 100 hours of coursework and mentor reviewed practice.


  • Process Acupressure Practitioner Certification
  • CA2: Meridians (or PA3: The Hologram)

Application Fee: $400

Required Coursework:

  • Clinical Acupressure 3:  Extraordinary Vessels
  • Process Acupressure 3: The Hologram
  • Process Acupressure 4:  Transpersonal Integration
  • One Process Acupressure elective such as Ancestral Healing

Additional requirements include giving, receiving, and documenting sessions using the advanced material of this program, advanced mentorship from a senior faculty member, demonstration of proficiency during sessions with senior faculty, and a final check-out session with a mentor from the list of those approved for advanced Soul Lightening acupressure final check-out sessions.  A final consultation and soul-reflection session in person or on the phone with Dr. Raheem.

Download:  Adv_SL_Certification_Program_Overview_Sept._2017

Download:  Adv_SL_Certification_Enrollment_PDF Form_Sept_2017

Download:  Adv_SL_Certification_Enrollment_Word Doc Form_Sept_2017

Or email Arline Rowden, Director of Certification at rowdenllcatgmaildotcom  (rowdenllcatgmaildotcom)   to receive the enrollment form as an email attachment. If you have any questions about certification, please email Arline.

Approved Process Acupressure Mentors

Note from Certification Director:  When choosing a PA Mentor, please read the statements from the various mentors first. Then you may email a mentor and request a brief phone call to determine if the mentor is a good match for you. These brief phone calls are usually no charge, but check with the mentor when you email them to find out if it is no charge or not. You may also talk to a mentor at a class you are taking from that mentor. If you have any questions, please email Arline Rowden at rowdenllcatgmaildotcom  (rowdenllcatgmaildotcom)  

Link to bios and photos

Hadas Amiel, PT, LMT


hadaslamielatgmaildotcom  (hadaslamielatgmaildotcom)  


Laurie Cahoon, LAc. 

Petaluma, CA

lauriecahoonatpetalumahealingcenterdotcom  (lauriecahoonatpetalumahealingcenterdotcom)  

PA_Mentor_Info from Laurie_Cahoon


Leah Matalon, MA, CMA

New York, NY

leahmatalonatgmaildotcom  (leahmatalonatgmaildotcom)  

PA_Mentor_Info from Leah_Matalon


Cathy Miller, MM, BM, LMT, ABT (NCCAOM)

Goldsboro & Silver Spring, MD

SourcePointAcupressureatgmaildotcom  (SourcePointAcupressureatgmaildotcom)  

PA_Mentor_Info from Cathy_Miller


Angelique Priscilla, PT, MA,

White River Jct, VT

peaceatangeliquepriscilladotcom  (peaceatangeliquepriscilladotcom)  

PA_Mentor_Info from Angelique_Priscilla


Rev. Paul Sibcy

Palo Alto, CA

sibcyghatgmaildotcom  (sibcyghatgmaildotcom)  

PA_Mentor_Info from Paul_Sibcy


Regina Rosenthal, PT, MA

Manchester, NJ

Ginarose88atcomcastdotnet  (Ginarose88atcomcastdotnet)  



Candidates for PA certification may give their three sessions to three different PA teachers, Approved PA Mentors or any Advance PA Practitioner.

Final PA check-out sessions must be arranged with one of the following individuals:

Dr. Aminah Raheem
Hadas Amiel
Laurie Cahoon
Leah Matalon
Cathy Miller
Paul Sibcy
Angelique Priscilla
Regina Rosenthal

Advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure Mentors Approved for Final CheckOut Sessions:

Dr. Aminah Raheem
Hadas Amiel
Laurie Cahoon
Leah Matalon
Cathy Miller
Paul Sibcy
Angelique Priscilla
Regina Rosenthal

Non-profit Statement:
Soul Lightening International is organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.  It is organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.