Workshop Facilitator Guidelines

Workshop Facilitator Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in bringing a Soul Lightening Acupressure workshop to your community! Here are some guidelines for how to promote and facilitate one of our workshops.

Our Simple Invitation to You

We are dedicated to providing Soul Lightening Acupressure workshops wherever there is a sincere interest. This means that in most instances if you can ensure a class will have at least 8 full-paid students, we will ensure that a teacher will come to teach the class.

Planning Timeline

For a large professional level workshop it is optimal to plan about a year in advance (9-12 months is average).

  • Set the date 6-12 months prior
  • E-mail promotion campaign: 10-12 weeks prior
  • Final determination on viability of workshop: 6 weeks prior
  • Ask for assistance in choosing planning regions for advertising
  • Clear communication is crucial at every milestone

For a smaller workshop, the timeline is more relaxed, but all of the milestones must still be addressed.

Responsibilities of Local Workshop Facilitator

Setting up the workshop

Request the workshop in your community & suggest dates and a location

  • Make initial contact with local workshop site about availability
  • Confirm city & date with SLI and/or instructor
  • Work with SLI to secure workshop site (SLI will negotiate venue contracts)
  • Provide SLI with a list of recommendations for hotels, airports, restaurants

Advertising the workshop

  • Develop email lists for promoting the class
  • Use free local advertising
  • Post flyers (provided by SLI) in public areas of interest
  • Talk to lots of people. A personal invitation is the best recruitment!

Pre-workshop details

  • Communicate with the instructor about housing and transportation needs
  • Arrange for local support of the instructor before, during, after workshop
  • Arrange for classroom supplies (tables, flip chart, sheets, pillows, etc)
  • Receive shipment of books/manuals & bring them to class on first day
  • Purchase light refreshments for class (reimbursed @ $1 per student per day)
  • Receipts for all expenses must be given to the instructor

During the class

  • Arrive early to help set up the room (the night before, or 1 hr prior to class)
  • Keep beverages and snacks refreshed and available during break times
  • Remain alert and available to the instructor in case needs arise

After the class

  • Stay to ensure the classroom is cleared and returned to original configuration
  • Ensure the instructor has transportation
  • Arrange to mail/ship materials to instructor (expenses reimbursed)

Facilitators will communicate with SLI as follows:

With Instructors

  • At initiation of workshop if necessary, to discuss dates and location
  • To establish instructor’s preference for communicating via phone, email, etc.
  • To talk about transportation, accommodations, classroom, etc

With Registrar

  • To formally establish workshop on SLI website, etc
  • To decide best address to have books shipped
  • To communicate about how registrations are coming along
  • To ask questions and get support from Operating Committee

With Operating Committee (via the Registrar) about the following issues

  • Exec. Director is available to negotiate all contracts with classroom venues
  • Decisions on class size requirements vs. venue expense
  • Advertising budgets
  • Final decisions about the viability of classes (income vs. expense)

Soul Lightening International is organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.  It is organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.