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Advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure

About Advanced Soul Lightening Certification

Practitioners who complete the Advanced Soul Lightening certification have studied the complete spectrum of Process Acupressure coursework. They have integrated the understandings and techniques from the upper level courses into their personal growth process as well as into their work with clients. Intensive work with a mentor is required throughout this program, including more than 100 hours of coursework and mentor reviewed practice.

Prerequisites for Advanced Soul Lightening Certification:

      • Foundation Courses CA1 and PA1
      • Process Acupressure Practitioner Certification
    • CA2: Meridians (or PA3: The Hologram)

Application Fee: $400

Required Coursework for Advanced Soul Lightening Certification:

        • Clinical Acupressure 3: Extraordinary Vessels
        • Process Acupressure 3: The Hologram
        • Process Acupressure 4: Transpersonal Integration
      • One Process Acupressure elective such as Ancestral Healing

Additional requirements include giving, receiving, and documenting sessions using the advanced material of this program, advanced mentorship from a senior faculty member, demonstration of proficiency during sessions with senior faculty, and a final check-out session with a mentor from the list of those approved for advanced Soul Lightening acupressure final check-out sessions. A final consultation and soul-reflection session in person or on the phone with Dr. Raheem.

Adv. SL Practitioner Certification Program Overview May 2021
Adv. SL Certification Enrollment Form Jan 2021
Remote Session Use in Certification Guidelines

If you have any questions about certification or wish to receive the enrollment form as an email attachment please email our Director of Certification at 

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Advanced Soul Lightening Certification


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