Beth Benham

Secretary Beth Benham, RN, LMT

Beth Benham, RN, LMT, joined the SLI Board and Executive Committee as Secretary in 2019. She lives, works and plays in southern NH where she practices nursing in school and women’s reproductive health care. She also has a private bodywork practice where she treats clients with a blend of Clinical and Process acupressure, massage, cranio-sacral and polarity therapies. She teaches energy balancing exercise classes in her community and holds workshops in the Seva Stress Release and Acupressure for Anyone. She has received training in Medical Improvisation to help health care teams improve communication and outcomes. Beth is a member of ABMP and AHNA. She loves empowering others to care for themselves and never tires of learning new ways for all of us to do just that!


Originator & Spiritual Director
Aminah Raheem, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Kathleen Kangas

Sandra Haworth, MSN, RN

Beth Benham, RN, LMT

Community Liaison
Linda Dombrowski

Faculty Liaison
Alvina Quatrano, LMT

Integrative Healthcare Director
Elizabeth (Liz) Monson, CRNP

Certification Director
Missy Oleaga, LMT

Credentialing Manager
Sandra Haworth


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