Clinical Acupressure Courses & Certification

What is Clinical Acupressure?

What Is Clinical Acupressure?

Sometimes described as “acupuncture without the needles,” Clinical Acupressure (CA) promotes wellness and rejuvenation by accessing and addressing the vital energies of the body.

CA is derived from traditional acupressure which uses touch on specific points to release and rebalance the way energy flows through the body. Specific point combinations are held with firm, gentle finger pressure as the body, mind and spirit return to balance.

Clinical Acupressure is not intended to replace medical care for serious conditions, however those who receive this method report that it addresses common symptoms easily and effectively, with no harsh side effects.

CA is often used to complement more traditional methods such as physical therapy, massage, or nursing. It also stands very well on its own. A full CA session takes about an hour, and the client stays fully dressed while receiving the session.

This method of working with the human energy system was developed and refined by Aminah Raheem, Ph.D. She is the creator of Process Acupressure (PA) which facilitates emotional and spiritual awareness during bodywork. She has been teaching this method internationally for more than twenty-five years.

About Clinical Acupressure Certification

Certified CA practitioners are skilled at tailoring therapeutic sessions to address specific symptoms within the context of the whole person. The Clinical Acupressure 300-hour Certification program includes coursework, including direct faculty supervision, sessions, mentoring, discussion hours, essays, and training during the intensive practicum series. Certified practitioners have also completed a community service requirement, have passed written and practical skills evaluations at the conclusion of their training and a special project. This is a two year program, or longer if needed (up to four years).

Clinical Acupressure Certification Coursework

Foundation Courses 
These courses are 4-days each | 24 continuing education hours each

  • Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications (CA1)
  • Process Acupressure 1A: Foundations (PA1A)

Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians
This course is 5-days | 30 continuing education hours

  • Clinical Acupressure 2:Meridians (CA2)

 Seasonal Practicum Series
These courses are 2-days each | 12 continuing education hours each

  • Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Summer Practicum
  • Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Late Summer Practicum
  • Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Autumn Practicum
  • Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Winter Practicum
  • Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Spring Practicum

All Clinical Acupressure Course Descriptions

Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications (CA1) (4 days | 24 hours)

This course teaches how to use acupressure to balance and energize the whole body and specific parts. Demonstration and practice show the application of formulas for all parts of the body, such as the head, neck, back, face, chest, abdomen, pelvis, legs and feet, arms and hands, and many symptoms, such as blood pressure, constipation, digestive problems, headaches, etc. Participants learn to locate and access more than 35 potent acupressure points. They also receive a clinical handbook and study guide with more than 70 specific acupressure formulas for specific body parts and conditions. Appropriate for clinical applications. This course is ideal for health-care professionals with hands-on experience.

Note: This is one of our two Foundation courses. The other is PA1A:  Process Acupressure 1A: Foundations. There are no pre-requisites for this class.

Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians (CA2) (5 days | 30 hours)

This course is an intensive overview of the energetic meridian system used in Chinese Medicine, with a special focus on how to recognize, locate, and access these meridians in clinical practice. The purpose of this program is to provide an understanding of the Chinese meridian system, the energetic flow in the body and the chakras so that health care professionals, including nurses, can expand their health and healing repertoire for their patients/clients, their friends and family, and themselves; to see the body as more than a collection of physical symptoms and parts. The Western model of illness is expanded to include a holistic vision of the individual and the different paths to healing.

Note: This course is required for the Clinical Acupressure Certification Program. Pre-requisite: Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications

Clinical Acupressure Seasonal Practicum Series (2 days each | 12 hours each)

The CA Seasonal Practicum Series is comprised of five intensive seasonal courses. Each 2-day practicum is an opportunity to expand upon the learning and experience of CA2 and/or PA3. Each practicum will focus on a specific pair of organ meridians. Students will refine their skills for recognizing and working with the unique patterns associated with each meridian. Special attention will be given to the function and interaction of specific points, and the nature of each meridian as it applies to health, balance, and consciousness.

Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Summer Practicum (2 days | 12 hours)

Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Late Summer Practicum (2 days | 12 hours)

Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Autumn Practicum (2 days | 12 hours)

Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Winter Practicum (2 days | 12 hours)

Clinical Acupressure Practicum: Spring Practicum (2 days | 12 hours)

Note: These courses are required for the Clinical Acupressure Certification Program. Pre-requisite: Clinical Acupressure 2: Meridians

Clinical Acupressure 3: Extraordinary Vessels (CA3)(4 days | 24 hours)
We have long known that the lineage of Soul Lightening Acupressure is rooted in the Extraordinary Vessels (EV’s). This course takes a deeper look at what this means as we attune to the origins and functions of the EV’s, as well as their implications for whole-being health. With hands-on practice we will explore how the EV’s simultaneously link us with the ancient mystics as well as the cutting edge methods of our time. All of this through the unique lens of our own Soul wisdom.
In this course participants will:
– Define the lineage of Soul Lightening Acupressure back to the ancient mystics.
– Explore the evolutionary blueprint of the Soul that is embedded in the EVs.
– Define the embryological development and 3 dimensional locations of the EV’s.
– Explore how working with the EV’s bridges the medical/alchemical world
– Review the relationship of the Soul Lightening 36 points to the EV’s Define the functional attributes of each EV in relationship to the whole being—-body, mind, emotions, soul.
– Practice our Soul Lightening Acupressure protocols within the context of the EV’s
Extraordinary Vessel Practicum Series (2 days each | 12 hours each)
Each 2 day practicum is an opportunity to expand upon the learning and experience of CA3. Each practicum will focus on specific Extraordinary Vessels. Students will refine their skills for recognizing and working with the unique patterns associated with each ancestry. Participants will utilize the skilled touch method and the psycho/spiritual processing skills established during Clinical Acupressure certification and/or Process Acupressure Certification. This intensive course focuses on personal reflection/growth as well as how to utilize Soul Lightening Acupressure to support clients in recognizing, accessing and utilizing the potent wisdom of their own soul-essence.

+ Extraordinary Vessel Practicum 1: First Ancestry (2 days | 12 hours)
is an advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure course. It is a deeper exploration of theories, concepts and skills introduced during Clinical Acupressure 3: Extraordinary Vessels–specifically the Ren, Du and Chong Mai as they relate to the First Ancestry.

+ Extraordinary Vessel Practicum 1: Second Ancestry (2 days | 12 hours) Second Ancestry is an advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure course. It is a deeper exploration of theories, concepts and skills introduced during Clinical Acupressure 3: Extraordinary Vessels–specifically the Yin/Yang Qiao Mai and the Yin Wei Mai as they relate to the Second Ancestry.

+ Extraordinary Vessel Practicum 1: Third Ancestry (2 days | 12 hours) is an advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure course. It is a deeper exploration of theories, concepts and skills introduced during Clinical Acupressure 3: Extraordinary Vessels–specifically the Yang Wei Mai and the Dai Mai as they relate to the Third Ancestry.

Note: These practicum courses are not required coursework for any of the Soul Lightening International Certification programs, however, they may be chosen as an elective for the Advanced Soul Lightening Certification program. Prerequisite: Clinical Acupressure 3: The Extraordinary Vessels

Process Acupressure 1A: Foundations (PA1A) (For Foundation Certification)
Process Acupressure (PA) is a simple, yet profound, holistic method that combines traditional acupressure (to a fully-clothed body) with a process approach to consciousness. It facilitates healing and the natural growth process that arises from within the individual. Process skills are taught that facilitate clarity-in mind, emotions, and spirit. Soul centered development is emphasized. Although acupressure is a lifelong study, this course will empower you to work effectively with energy flow in the body including both meridians and chakras, toward greater balance. You will learn tools that give you confidence. PA can be used alone for self-help or easily given to another. It can also be combined with another body modality. For example, our work with the Great Central Channel strengthens the energetic pathway of the spine and is an excellent complement to Acupuncture, Chiropractic, CranioSacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, rehab modalities, and more.
In this course you will learn:

+ a simple but powerful acupressure method to balance body energy

+ how to combine bodywork with psychological-spiritual process skills

+ how to empower self and client toward greater understanding and responsibility for health and growth

+ to focus health and development in the most fundamental strength and wisdom of one’s own soul

+ how to use the skills on yourself to further your own growth

+ Chakra Tai Chi

Note: This is one of our two Foundation courses. The other is CA1:  Clinical Acupressure 1: Basic Applications. There are no pre-requisites for this class.

CA Certification Enrollment Form January 2021
CA Certification Enrollment Form January 2021
CA Certification Program Overview May-21
Remote Session Use in Certification Guidelines

Clinical Acupressure Faculty and Mentors

Aminah Raheem PhD - Emeritus

Aminah Raheem, Ph.D. is the originator of Soul Lightening® Acupressure. She developed the holistic methods of Process Acupressure and Clinical Acupressure after more than 20 years of study in various psychologies (including Process Work) and hands-on body modalities, along with 40 years of spiritual practice.
This work began with her development of Process Acupressure, which works through the body’s energy systems to assist conscious development and the realization of soul purpose. She is also the originator of Clinical Acupressure which specializes in the dynamic, multi-dimensional aspects of the human energy system but does not incorporate psycho-spiritual processing skills.

Dr. Raheem is the author of Soul Return: Integrating Body, Psyche and Spirit, a book at the forefront of defining the relationship of body and soul, and Soul Lightning: Awakening Soul Consciousness, which charts an individual and global path for reaching soul consciousness. Through her writing, we find models we can apply to our own lives that demonstrate how to complete the past and create a new life, woven from the stuff of our own souls. Her stories confirm that we, too, have had “soul lightenings” that can lead to soul consciousness. This book helps us to move along more confidently on our own soul journeys.
Dr. Raheem has worked for over 30 years with body/soul coherence, as a transpersonal psychologist, bodyworker and teacher. As a master teacher of psycho-spiritual development, Dr. Raheem has taught holistic theory and practice to bodyworkers and psychotherapists throughout the world. She was adjunct faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology for 10 years, and her courses can now be found at venues such as Esalen and the Upledger Institute.
In addition to earning her Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, Dr. Raheem is also a Zero Balancer, Zero Balancing Teacher, and a Diplomate of Process Work. She is the Originator and Spiritual Director of Soul Lightening International.

Cathy Miller, MM, BM, LMT, ABT (NCCAOM)

Cathy has many roles within the Soul Lightening International organization. She is a Process Acupressure and Clinical Acupressure instructor. She has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2005. She was President, a member of the Executive Board as well as the Program Director of SLI. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist with additional diplomas and certifications in Asian Bodywork Therapy (NCCAOM), Process Acupressure, and Clinical Acupressure (SLI). In addition to her busy teaching schedule, Cathy maintains a full private practice at Crossings: a center for the Healing Traditions in Silver Spring, Maryland. She has also previously served as an affiliated practitioner at the Tai Sophia Institute in Laurel, Maryland, and at the Center for Integrative Medicine in Easton, Maryland. Ongoing outreach programs include working with military service members and their families through the Healingworks Restore and Renew Wellness Clinic at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, and the Acupressure for Anyone world outreach program through Soul Lightening International.

CA Mentor Information for Cathy Miller

Missy Grace Oleaga, LMT

Grace is an instructor of Clinical Acupressure through Soul Lightening Acupressure and maintains a busy private practice in Princeton, NJ. In addition to her Advanced Certification in Process Acupressure, she is a Reiki Master, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, and has completed 6 levels of Tachyon Training Certification. She has served as an aquatic director and instructor, and was trained and certified by the YMCA. She is also a First Aid and CPR instructor. Her extensive training includes Neuro-muscular Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Bach Flower Essence Training, Touch for Health, and Zero Balancing.

CA Mentor Information for Missy Oleaga

Angelique Priscilla, PT, MA

Angelique Priscilla been studying Process Acupressure (now Soul Lightening Acupressure) with Dr. Aminah Raheem since 1993. She is a certified advanced practitioner of Process Acupressure, and is a senior faculty member for the program, teaching since 2000. Angelique is a physical therapist with 33+ years experience. She has been in private practice since 1992 in central VT. And specializes in integrative bodywork and manual therapy. Her primary modalities include Soul Ligthening Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, and energy work.

CA Mentor Information for Angelique Priscilla

Regina Rosenthal, PT, MA

Gina is a certified practitioner of Process Acupressure and Integrated Manual Therapy with a private practice in Holmdel, NJ. Until 2008 Gina served on the Board of Directors for Soul Lightening International as secretary and as the Director of Certification. She also served as a member of the Steering Committee from 2006-2007. She is an experienced instructor of many modalities including Process  and Clinical Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy, Lymphatic System, Myofascial Release, Aging and Longevity, and Stress Management. Her teaching career has taken her to a variety of settings including the Arthritis Foundation of New Jersey, the American Cancer Society, the Visiting Nurse Association of Trenton, NJ, Rutgers University at the Monmouth Medical Center, at AT&T and at the Baxter Health Care Corporation. She has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals, and is currently authoring her first book about the “Heart of Healing.”

PA Mentor Information for Regina Rosenthal

Alvina Quatrano, CMT

Alvina is an instructor and mentor of Clinical and Process Acupressure through Soul Lightening International. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice since 1991 in Naples, Florida (and New Jersey, occasionally). In addition to her Advanced Certification in Process Acupressure and Clinical Acupressure, her extensive training includes Shiatsu, Reiki, Reflexology, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Trager, Yoga, and a certification in Zero Balancing. Alvina is a member of the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators, the American Massage Therapy Association, the Zero Balancing Health Association, and Soul Lightening International.
Alvina helped to develop Soul Lightening’s Good Points for Self-Care Program and she teaches several one-day classes including The Immune Lymph Booster and The Women’s Health Protocol. She was in the first wave of teachers to use and to teach the SEVA Stress Release created after 9/11.

Alvina has been a regular presenter at The Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) which allows her to present Dr. Aminah Raheem’s Chakra Tai Chi at their monthly meetings and publish articles related to acupressure in the monthly newsletter.

Alvina is the developer of Art of Holistic Massage (AOHMassage) which is offered online, webinar-style and live. It is based in Chinese Medicine which has been a tract for Alvina her whole life.

CA Mentor information for Alvina’s Quatrano.

Deanna Waggy, OTR

I love learning and teaching complementary and integrative health modalities for whole-being health. I have training in Occupational Therapy, Spiritual Direction, Zero Balancing and Soul Lightening Acupressure in addition to multiple other modalities. As an OT for over 35 years, I’m used to working with different learning styles and multi-sensory approaches which helps me break down activities and information into small bite-sized segments that are manageable for the learner. I love providing extra resources and tools for progressing students through the process of rote learning to understanding the material and eventually embodying the principles as you progress through certification.

My goal is to empower you as a learner and support the learning process while allowing you to work at the pace that best fits your internal and/or external motivation tendency.  I am comfortable with working in person (following current safety guidelines), via phone or Zoom calls. I can help you navigate technology if needed. I encourage regular contact (every 6 – 8 weeks) either through mentoring calls or study groups. I encourage all students to reach out to other faculty members and advanced practitioners for mentoring sessions to get a variety of feedback and information if possible.

I keep a folder of our interactions and your progress. I encourage you to also keep a folder or 3 ring binder of all information. I also keep email correspondence and prefer that way of sending written reports.  It is your responsibility to track your sessions and progress on completing all the requirements. Feel free to ask questions along the way as you work on your essay questions.

When we set up an appointment for a 1-hour phone consultation, I charge $65. I expect you to keep track of sending payments. There is not charge for occasional email correspondence or brief 5 to 10-minute calls. My current fees are $85 per hour for private sessions (phone or in person). I offer study groups ($20 each or 3 for $50) throughout the year, but still encourage a mentoring session occasionally.

I prefer you send case studies via email a day or two before we meet for a mentoring session. I have some sample forms you can use to document your case studies if you need that structure. For those with learning challenges, we can discuss alternative ways for you to get these case studies documented. I would like to see a progression of your skills based on new classes you take and new protocols you use, so try to spread the reports out over your entire certification process and don’t rush through them just to get a requirement checked off.

We can discuss ideas for your community service and special project in our mentoring calls. Please email progress reports and a final written summary when the project is complete. I encourage you to take classes with other faculty and consider some mentoring calls with other faculty for a well-rounded learning process.

When we meet for you final checkout, I would like to see all your work including the info on 36 points, your essay questions, your case reports and your projects.




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