Conferences, Retreats and Events

Conferences, Retreats and Events

The Soul Lightening International community LOVES to be together! We sincerely enjoy one another, whether we are gathered for our large annual conference, at courses, retreats, study groups, private sessions, or phone consultations. Many in our community regularly remark that they have “found their tribe” with Soul Lightening, and think of one another as their soul-family. We attribute this extraordinary experience to one of the foundational principles of our work—that each individual has their own deep soul-wisdom which needs to be recognized, encouraged and celebrated. Who wouldn’t want to be in a community like that!!!

In addition to our regular course offerings, typical community events include

Special Community Events
Occasionally special events are planned for members of the Soul Lightening community. In the past these have included special courses offered by Dr. Aminah Raheem such as Reclaiming the Divine Magical Child, or Soul Illumination. These events have also been hosted by Aminah and her husband, Dr. Fritz Smith—including El Silencio.
Small group retreats
There is such a strong connection between individuals at our courses that intimate friendships are established that last a lifetime. It is common for small groups of Soul Lightening members who have initially met in courses to schedule relaxed, informal retreats together to exchange sessions and renew their soul-connections with one another.
Process Partnering
Another very special phenomenon in the Soul Lightening community is Process Partnering. This was first modeled to us by Dr. Aminah Raheem and her process partner, Laura Ramsay. For many decades they have been exploring the profoundly intimate territory of soul-work together, as confidantes, supporters, truth-tellers, and friends. They have encouraged us to seek out our own Process Partners to undertake this exploration for ourselves. Many who have embarked on this journey count their process-partner relationship as one of the most trust-worthy and significant relationships of their lifetime.



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Conferences, Retreats & Events

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