Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Soul Lightening® International offers a full spectrum of acupressure training courses and certifications. Courses may be taken ala-carte, or in specific combinations as part of a certification program.

Individuals who complete our certification programs not only develop solid skills to use in their professional practice, they are likely to undergo a profound personal journey of exploration and clarification as well. Becoming a certified Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioner offers the opportunity for learning and growth on all levels—body, mind, emotions, and soul.

For specific classes for each level, view the 2021 SLI Curriculum Flyer


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Curriculum Overview

Continuing Education

Introductory courses

Foundation Certificate Courses

Clinical Acupressure Courses & Certification

Process Acupressure Courses & Certification

Teacher Training

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Advanced Soul Lightening Certification


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Soul Lightening International is a 501c(3) non-profit organization operating exclusively for educational purposes.


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