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  • Angelique Priscilla– Board of Directors-Faculty Liaison
  • Beth Benham – Exec. Board of Directors-Secretary
  • Missy Oleaga– Certification Director
  • Cathy Miller – Exec. Board of Directors- Treasurer / Marketing /
  • Elizabeth Monson– Exec, Board of Directors- Co President 
  • Kathy Kangas -Executive Director-Operations, 
    • also fields related questions- Bookkeeper / web development
  • Madonna Hill – Board of Directors-Community Liaison
  • Marilyn Zurwaski – Exec. Board of Directors- Co President
  • Michele Wade– Registrar/ Bookstore
    • Class registration/bookstore
    • Hosting a Foundation Class- CA1 or PA1
    • Scheduling a Seva Stress Release class with a local teacher
    • Invite a speaker for your organization
  • Regina Rosenthal – Continuing Education
  • Sandy Haworth -Credentialing / Yes Group)
  • Susan Trier – Membership

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