Important Information Regarding Course Pricing, Policies and Participation Guidelines

Individual Courses

Soul Lightening International offers individual courses and several different Certification Programs. Course descriptions are found on the Training & Certification section of this website. Find a course now!

Course pricing has recently been reduced to make our programs more accessible for students!

  • 2-day course reduced from $495 to $295
  • 4-day course reduced from $995 to $695
  • 5-day course reduced from $1195 to $795

Certification Programs

Each of our certification programs includes a multi-course series. See complete program descriptions on our Training and Certification pages.

Certification Fees have also recently been reduced
to make our programs more accessible for students!

  • Foundation Certificate Administrative Fee  $25
  • Clinical Acupressure Certification Fee reduced from $400 to $150
  • Process Acupressure Certification Fee reduced from $400 to $150

Cancellation Policy

Acknowledging and respecting that there are students who must make travel plans early; Soul Lightening International (SLI) makes every effort to avoid cancelling or rescheduling the dates of our courses. The decision to hold the course is left to the discretion of the individual instructor, and typically the decision to cancel a course is made at least 30-days prior to the start date. We strongly recommend that you not purchase non-refundable airfare until the course is confirmed 30-days prior. Soul Lightening is not responsible for any expenses, such as airfare, that you incur for a cancelled course.

Withdrawal Policy

To ensure the quality of our programs and to ensure the learning experience of the remaining students, withdrawal from a course less than 30 days prior to the start date is highly discouraged. The financial viability of each course is based upon the number of registered students, and the decision to cancel a class due to low enrollment is left to the discretion of each instructor. Out of respect for students who need to make affordable travel arrangements, we make every effort not to cancel workshops with less than 30 days notice. The decision to give a partial or full refund for early withdrawal is left to the discretion of the individual instructor. Typically, consideration is given for emergency circumstances, if possible.

Student Participation Guidelines

Soul Lightening Acupressure courses involve a substantial amount of hands-on practice and mental, emotional, and spiritual processing. Students experience the benefits of Soul Lightening Acupressure by exchanging work with fellow students and sometimes the instructor.
The following conditions may preclude attending or being fully active in a Soul Lightening Acupressure class:

  • Acute Illness
  • Recent surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy
  • Mental or emotional instability
  • Anyone receiving treatment from a mental health professional should confirm with the provider before attending.
  • Pregnancy, especially the first trimester
  • Any condition that would prevent the student from exchanging hands-on work with another student

Please contact the registrar with any questions you have about your ability to fully participate.

Privacy & Security of Learner Records

SLI will never disclose a student transcript without permission. The learner will contact the SLI Registrar in writing to request release of a personal transcript.

Soul Lightening may collect and identify certain information such as name, address, credential, contact information that you volunteer and provide us to use.

Soul Lightening will collect credit card information for purchases and payment transactions; the information will only be kept on file with the student’s permission. Your financial information is only identifiable by our registrar and treasurer.

Contact information may only be shared with the International Alliance of Healthcare Educators (IAHE) for any payment processing for students in IAHE payment plans. SLI will never sell your contact information to any organization. If you do not wish to have your personally identifiable information used or shared for any purpose, send a letter with this request to Registrar@SoulLightening.com.

Standards and Non-discrimination Policy

All Soul Lightening Acupressure instructors must demonstrate high standards of professional conduct and not discriminate against learners on the basis of gender, age, socioeconomic, or ethnic background, sexual orientation or disability. Furthermore, the principles of Soul Lightening International celebrate and empower the unique qualities of each individual. By the time an instructor enters teacher training, their professional conduct and interpersonal skills have been observed and evaluated many times by existing faculty and mentors. Each instructor must hold a current license and be in good standing for their professional discipline.

Teachers Financial and Non-financial Disclosure Policy

Guidelines exist whereby all teachers must disclose any relevant relationship to Soul Lightening International. The following is included on the “Workshop Understanding and Agreement” form each learner signs prior to the first day of class: “____Financial Disclosure: I understand that all SLI instructors receive financial compensation for teaching courses.”

Copyright Policy

Soul Lightening International is a dedicated service body that offers Soul Lightening Acupressure to as many people as can use it effectively in a manner that maintains the integrity of the work with a clear signature. We understand that practitioners will use Soul Lightening Acupressure within the context of their own experience and background.
Aside from this usage, we require our practitioners and instructors to refrain from the following:

  1. Representing the work as a different system/modality (something other than SL Acupressure/PA/CA/A4A) to administrators, clients, students, and practitioners,
  2. Keeping the name SL Acupressure/CA/PA/ A4A, but changing fundamental concepts/methods (touch, interface, soul consciousness, etc.),
  3. Teaching/printing/distributing the protocols under the auspices of a system/modality/title other than SL Acupressure/PA/CA/ A4A,
  4. Publishing articles, books, flyers, etc. that integrate the concepts, methods, and/or specific protocols of SL Acupressure under the auspices of a system/modality/name other than SL Acupressure/CA/PA/ A4A,
  5. Any individual or group claiming credit or “ownership” of the intellectual property of SL Acupressure in any way, and
  6. Any individual or group utilizing any part (concept, method, or protocol) of the intellectual property of SL Acupressure without full consent, and a written agreement of the Soul Lightening International Board of Directors.

Anyone wishing to publish, teach, produce, distribute, etc., any of the concepts/methods/protocols of SL Acupressure/CA/PA/ A4A must present the SL board with a completed proposal of exactly how the material will be used. Work toward producing, teaching, publishing, presenting the material must not begin until the individual/group has received full approval from the SL board in writing.

Complaint Policy

Please address any complaints or concerns to our Executive Director at ExecDir@SoulLightening.com. Your issues will be addressed by our administrative team and taken to higher levels, if necessary. Soul Lightening will respond within 30 days.

Scope of Practice Guidance Prior to Certification

    • Informal Practice: All Soul Lightening Acupressure students are highly encouraged to practice the protocols they have learned in class on friends and family at any time.
    • Professional Practice: Attendance at any workshop or series of workshops does not, by itself, qualify you to practice this work professionally. Professional practice implies that you charge a fee for your work.
    • License to touch: Soul Lightening International requires that anyone who professionally practices and charges for any form of Soul Lightening Acupressure must meet the laws of their state of residence for doing hands-on work (i.e. “license to touch). These requirements vary state by state, and SLI does not monitor this information.
    • Who can charge a fee? Anyone wishing to charge a fee for practicing any form of Soul Lightening Acupressure (including Seva, and Acupressure for Anyone, Process Acupressure or Clinical Acupressure) is strongly encouraged to enroll in one of our certification programs.  Additionally:
    • Licensed practitioners: If you are a licensed acupuncturist, nurse, physician or psychotherapist, massage therapist, PT, OT, or other licensed bodywork practitioner, you may start practicing this work with your clients and charge a fee commensurate with the rate you would charge for any new work.
    • Unlicensed practitioners: If you are an unlicensed practitioner with an existing private practice, and you meet your state requirements for hands-on work, you may start practicing this work with your clients and charge a fee commensurate with the rate you would charge for any new work.
    • New Students: If you are new to bodywork, or if you feel unsure about your level of proficiency as a Soul Lightening Acupressure practitioner, you should talk with your teacher or mentor before beginning to charge your clients.
    • Advertising Guidelines: At each progressive level of certification you are permitted to use the following language/descriptor in your promotional materials:
      Foundation Certification: You may list acupressure as a modality you offer, with the disclaimer below.
      Certified Process Acupressure or Clinical Acupressure Practitioner: No disclaimer necessary
      Advanced Soul Lightening Acupressure Practitioner: No disclaimer necessary
    • Disclaimer for Foundation Certificate holders: To clearly identify (for the public) between Foundation Certification and PA or CA Practitioner Certification (300+ hrs each) we require the following disclaimer on your website and all printed promotional materials: “_____________ holds a Foundation Certification in Soul Lightening Acupressure (basic level training). –For example, on a business card you may list acupressure as a modality that you practice, but please do
      not refer to yourself as a certified practitioner except with the language from the statement provided above.
    • Disclaimer for certification candidates: You must be certified in order to advertise Soul Lightening Acupressure.
      Until you are certified, any of your promotional material must clearly display the following disclaimer: “______________ is currently a student of (Process Acupressure, Clinical Acupressure, Soul Lightening Acupressure, etc.) working toward certification.
    • Disclaimer for non-certified practitioners: If you are non-certified and you are not a certification student, you may not advertise yourself as a practitioner, however you may list the work you do (e.g. PA, CA, Seva, Acupressure for Anyone, etc.) on your printed materials or online for informational purposes, with the following disclaimer: “___________________ has studied (PA, CA, etc) through Soul Lightening International, but is not a certified practitioner.
    • If you do not see yourself represented on this information sheet, and you have questions or concerns, please call Soul Lightening International at 978-456-0300

    Effective 1-1-2020