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Make A Donation

Thank you for all you bring
to the Soul Lightening community!
Your donation to our annual giving campaign
will help comprise a major portion of our yearly budget.
Your contribution will make all the difference.
Regardless if you can give a lot or a little, your participation in our annual giving campaign is deeply needed and appreciated.
So—-we’ve made it really easy for you
to help ensure that Soul Lightening International
is strong and vital for years to come!
You can make your annual donation online and/or
set up your level of ongoing support for Soul Lightening today!
Consider contributing the equivalent of 
one session per month.
100% tax deductible

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Gifts come in many forms, including time, love, consciousness, service, or dollars.

Your tax deductible financial donation enables us to actively, consistently and securely sustain the future of Soul Lightening International for years to come!

Together, we can support and grow a strong, vibrant, soul-centered community.

Thank you for your gift!