Make A Donation

Make A Donation

We’ve just made it easier than ever for you to help ensure that Soul Lightening International is strong and vital for years to come!

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Consider contributing the equivalent of 1 session per month.

100% tax deductible!

To give per our donation levels, click on the title.

Red Jasper Level

Red Jasper GivingRoot Chakra | $15 per month

Red jasper boosts energy, strength, stamina and grounding.

Your support for Soul Lightening at the ground level stabilizes our base and helps us pay for the most basic operational necessities like postage, insurance renewals, and keeping the lights on. Stand with us!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive a Yin/Yang Soul Lightening canvas tote

Orange Carnelian Level

Orange Carnelian levelSacral Chakra | $25 per month

Orange Carnelian creates the vibration for motivation, clarification and action.

Anyone who has ever joined us for a workshop knows there is something special about the Soul Lightening community. Your support at this level helps sustain the ways we stay connected to one another. It also gives us the resources to introduce Soul Lightening Acupressure to others who are seeking our wonderful community via our website, online forums, video conferencing and webinars. Join the Dance!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive a Soul Lightening Journal and Pen

Golden Amber Level

Golden Amber levelSolar Plexus Chakra | $50 per month

Golden Amber nourishes the spirit, balances the emotions, stabilizes inner resources, and attracts good luck!

Your support at this level nourishes Soul Lightening and boosts our internal strength and vitality so we can confidently and adequately support our programs, teachers and staff.  We know that when there is a clear, strong flow of energy through a system, all aspects of the system function in harmony. When this level is steadily replenished we have what we need to build upon our strong foundation, and grow to our full potential. Come to the table!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive a set of Chakra Note Cards

Jade Level

Jade levelHeart Chakra | $75 per month

Jade is said to bless whatever it touches and has strong healing/balancing properties for the whole being.

One of the principles of Soul Lightening Acupressure is that “touch and the flow of love from the heart are healing and strengthening.” This principle, like Jade, is a blessing as we share our work in the world. Your support at the Jade level ensures that the great blessing of Soul Lightening Acupressure touches the hearts of many more people around the world.  Share the Love!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive a framed Yin/Yang Fish Painting with gold leaf

Rose Quartz Level

Rose Quartz levelHigher Heart Chakra | $100 per month

Rose Quartz is famous for attracting and preserving love in all forms.

In the Soul Lightening community we also engage the higher heart energy as a source for compassionate, soul guided service. Your support at this level amplifies the energy of unconditional love, and helps us put the extraordinary gift of Soul Lightening Acupressure into the hands of people around the world through outreach programs, research, and community service.  Be the change you wish to see in the world!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive a $50 Soul Lightening Account Credit applicable to class tuition, bookstore, or conference fees

Turquoise Level

Turquoise levelThroat Chakra | $250 per month

Turquoise promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication, allowing the Soul to express itself freely.

This is our greatest hope for every human being—-the true realization and expression of their own Soul. By supporting Soul Lightening at this level you are contributing in a very tangible way to the growing awareness of Soul Lightening Acupressure. With this level of support we can exponentially expand our communications and advertising, so that our presence is felt, known, and becomes familiar on a global scale. Spread the word!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive Soul Consultation reading from Dr. Aminah Raheem, founder of Soul Lightening International

Blue Sapphire Level

Blue Sapphire levelBrow Chakra | $500 per month

Blue Sapphire enhances intuition, mental clarity and spiritual power.

When the brow chakra is unobstructed and clear we have an open channel to our own highest wisdom and spiritual insight. Empowering higher consciousness is a primary objective of Soul Lightening International. Your support at this level makes a profound contribution to the visionary capacity of our world work. Imagine a world where Soul Lightening skills and principles are so widely known, practiced and celebrated that every individual is empowered to recognize and utilize the wisdom of their own Soul! Spread the Light!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive a Soul Lightening Account Credit for tuition to a 2-day class or retreat

Purple Amethyst Level

Purple Amethyst levelCrown Chakra | $1000 per month

Amethyst is known as the stone of spirit and transformation.

The purple color is associated with the Crown Chakra, which becomes a reliable doorway to our connection with the Divine. At this level we amplify our awareness of infinite grace and love. Your support at this level creates possibilities we have only dreamed of and  opens the way for Soul Lightening International to flow with ease into our next divinely inspired, transformative growth step.  Open the way for infinite possibilities!

As a token of our appreciation you will receive a Soul Lightening Account Credit for tuition to a 4-day class or retreat

Diamond Level

Diamond levelUniversal Chakra | Capital / Estate Gift

The pure white light of Diamond illuminates our whole being and brings love, fidelity and enlightenment. 

Many of us recognize that the principles of Soul Lightening align directly with our own personal principles. Consider contributing a portion of your financial legacy to Soul Lightening International as an Estate Gift or Capital Contribution. With your support at the Diamond level, you align your personal legacy with the future of Soul Lightening International and deepen the assurance that this important work will continue for generations to come.

Your legacy makes a difference!


 Donate Any Amount?

Of course you can!  Perhaps you would like to choose your own level of giving be it one-time or a monthly donation!

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We are grateful for all of your extraordinary gifts shared with us be it time, love, consciousness, service, or dollars.  Your tax deductible financial donation enables us to actively, consistently and securely sustain the future of Soul Lightening International for years to come!

Together, we can support and grow a strong, vibrant, soul-centered community.

Thank you for your gift!