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    • Certification: Certification @ SoulLightening <dot> com
    • Credentials for Faculty/Seva Instructors: Credentials @ SoulLightening <dot> com
    • Class registration, email list or bookstore items: Registrar @ SoulLightening <dot>com
    • Hosting a Foundation class (CA1 or PA1a) in your area: Registrar @ SoulLightening <dot>com
    • Scheduling a Seva Stress Release class with a local teacher
    • Find a local practitioner near you (by state)
    • Invite a speaker for your organization: Registrar @ SoulLightening <dot>com
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Soul Lightening International is a 501c(3) non-profit organization operating exclusively for educational purposes.


Registrar and Bookstore Manager
Michele Wade
Phone: 978-456-0300



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