Meditation And Consciousness Practices

Meditation And Consciousness Practices

A signature element of our Soul Lightening community is the practice of meditation. This practice takes many forms, whether we are together in large groups at conferences or courses, in smaller study groups/meetings, in one-on-one sessions, or privately on our own. The purpose of these meditation practices is to gain insight and enhance awareness of our own individual soul-wisdom.

Some of the ways we practice include:

The Pyramid Meditation 

Origin of the Pyramid Meditation
The Pyramid Meditation was received in 1984 by Dr. Aminah Raheem during a meditation in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The complete story of this extraordinary experience is beautifully told in Aminah’s book The Way of Soul Lightening (pp. 272-277). Aminah’s original notes about her experience in Egypt read “There are transcendental sources of information, love and support to you that are available all the time if you will simply open this portal. Everything you need is offered.”
Pyramid Meditation at courses
The Pyramid Meditation has been practiced steadily in every Soul Lightening Acupressure course since 1985. At the beginning of every class, even before personal introductions, the teacher and students visually co-create an energetic pyramid structure around the time and space of the gathering. The apex of this pyramid is envisioned high in the heavens, and the foundation of it anchors deeply into the earth. This structure protects and amplifies the class experience, and each participant is asked to hold everyone within the pyramid in the highest personal regard. (Link to video excerpt of a pyramid meditation)
Individual Daily Practice of the Pyramid Meditation
Many members of the Soul Lightening incorporate the Pyramid Meditation into their daily personal meditation practice. This practice aligns them between heaven and earth, and amplifies their Soul consciousness for the day. Others practice the Pyramid Meditation around specific events, interactions, travel plans, inquiries, etc
Worldwide Soul Lightening Pyramid
Another practice for many within the Soul Lightening community is to co-create and maintain the worldwide Soul Lightening Pyramid. The mission of Soul Lightening International includes a global/universal vision of health, harmony and higher consciousness. We amplify this vision for the world by co-creating and maintaining the worldwide Soul Lightening Pyramid, which encompasses the entire earth, and every living being. Anyone in the Soul Lightening community can connect with the worldwide Soul Lightening Pyramid at any time for support and inspiration.

Other Meditation And Consciousness Practices

Chakra Tai Chi
Tai Chi is a movement meditation, designed to activate and enlighten all parts of being—body, mind, emotions, and soul. It stim¬ulates and aligns the energy from the base of the body to the crown of the head. When the Chakras are activated and aligned, they provide access to the full range of human consciousness and stabilize this consciousness in the body. The purpose of Chakra Tai Chi is to bring more consciousness into all the chakras and all aspects of their influ¬ence on our lives as well as to bring awareness to integration of the whole person. It is a powerful tool for self-care. It cultivates presence and awareness in all channels. Practiced consistently, you can gain deeper understanding and connection with yourself and others. Link to purchase Chakra Tai Chi DVD
Lightening Process Meditation
This process is similar to traditional meditation in that it is done in a sitting position, and elicits the state of consciousness associated with each chakra. Beginning by reaching up into the Universe to receive light from Source, we visualize a moving stream of light coming down into the body and then expanding out into the surrounding Field. This light moves progressively through each of the Chakras, bringing valuable insight, strength, and guidance. Similar to prayer, this experience goes deeper with repetition
Awareness Journaling
The Awareness Journal was created by Betsy Baker, Acupuncturist and Senior Instructor of Process Acupressure. It was developed with the purpose of exploring the self with non-judgmental, merciful awareness. This exercise opens one to the possibility of healing pain and suffering experienced due to habits, rules, scripts, and standards that we may have accepted or been conditioned to believe throughout life.

This journal is to assist you in becoming more mindful, and aware of YOU (body, mind, emotions, and spirit). It will empower you to connect with and use your built-in guidance system effectively and efficiently (with practice) in your daily living, life journey, and with specific intentions and goals.

Awareness Journal Instructions:
1. Gather data in your journal three times in one day from a place of curiosity, interest and wonder with focused awareness and loving-kindness.
2. Focus attention on your senses (sight, sound, touch, movement, body sensations, feelings/emotions) to gather information and jot notations briefly in a journal
…a. Can the body noting sensations such as pain, tightness, pressure, itching, throbbing, warmth, burning, coldness, etc. Describe and observe the locations of these sensations in the body
…b. Scan the emotions noting anger, joy, sadness, worry, grief, fear etc.
…c. Scan the mind noting thinking, internal talk/chatter, images, stream of consciousness. Write your thoughts as they arise for a few moments.
…d. Scan soul consciousness noting soul messages or communication
3. Review the day from the witness state. The observer reports the insights about the day. For example: “I notice now . . .” or “I realize that . . .”


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